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. @nerouk #idfestival #houston #nero (via @ryanroooy) (Taken with Instagram)

. @nerouk #idfestival #houston #nero (via @ryanroooy) (Taken with Instagram)

. @nerouk gracing the @rockstarenergy stage one last time on this year’s #idfestival #houston #nero (Taken with Instagram)

. @nerouk gracing the @rockstarenergy stage one last time on this year’s #idfestival #houston #nero (Taken with Instagram)

One last shot of @nerouk this evening #detroit #nero #idfestival  (Taken with Instagram)

One last shot of @nerouk this evening #detroit #nero #idfestival (Taken with Instagram)

@nerouk bass giving me a nice foot massage #nero #detroit #idfestival (Taken with Instagram at Downtown Pontiac)

@nerouk bass giving me a nice foot massage #nero #detroit #idfestival (Taken with Instagram at Downtown Pontiac)

Watching @nerouk from the far back #idfestival (Taken with Instagram)

Watching @nerouk from the far back #idfestival (Taken with Instagram)

The Artist Submitted boom ones for the @iHome Wall of Sound. These guys will be on display throughout #IDFestival (Taken with Instagram)

The Artist Submitted boom ones for the @iHome Wall of Sound. These guys will be on display throughout #IDFestival (Taken with Instagram)

Identity: Mountain View

Mountain View provided us with an AMAZING show.  Datsik slayed the crowd on the main stage.

Huge crowds for Doorly as well.

Steve Aoki and Kaskade decided to do another joint set on the Advent Stage

Kaskade tying his shoe, because safety comes first kids.

Another massive crowd for Nero (can you tell that Nero became my new favorite act on this tour)…including what seems to resemble a human pinata:

This is a picture of Joe from Nero’s backside taken courtesy of my friend Doorly.  He wanted to have a contest where whoever retweeted this picture of Joe would get a chance to touch Joe’s butt.  Well unfortunately (or fortunately), Doorly and I were the only two to retweet the photo, thus awarding us the prize(?) of touching Joe’s butt.

The Mountain View crowd was insane and amazing! ID sold the place out meaning there were a lot of people there meaning, when I just wanted to go back to my bus, we were caught in a traffic jam:

Identity: Chula Vista

Identity finally hit sunny southern California just in time for Labor Day weekend! The weather was a welcome respite from the alternating brutal heat, humidity and rain we’d experienced on previous dates.  Started my day by taking residence on the Rockstar Dim Mak Stage to check out my friend DJ Eye as well as Hercules and Love Affair and Holy Ghost!

DJ Eye

Hercules and Love Affair

Holy Ghost!

Joining us today for the first time was going to be Afrojack.  Unfortunately, he got caught in some of the Labor Day traffic so Steve Aoki decided to play for a little bit.  The cool thing about that though was once Afrojack got there, they seamlessly went straight into their track “No Beef” (which I’ll have video of shortly)

Steve bounced off in time to head over and play his set

Ran over to dance to Doorly with Le Castle Vania and Datsik (not pictured)

Before closing out the night with Nero headlining the Dim Mak stage

Not without a cameo from Datsik and Steve Aoki

Who btw have some sweet kicks

Back in the production office we had a visitor! Say hello to Uzi

Unfortunately, Uzi was just a passing visitor and would not be joining us for the rest of the tour.

Ended the night by eating some guy named Datsick’s pizza!

Albuquerque, NM

Woke up to another hot desert morning in Albuquerque, NM.  We were playing the Hard Rock Casino Presents: The Pavilion.  Ironically however, there was no Hard Rock or Casino on the premises :(

I’m proud to say that this was the first venue that I didn’t get lost in, although when we took the golf cart to try and find the box office i think we may have gone the wrong way…

It was my first time in Albuquerque, and I’m sure there’s some great things to do in the city but, I couldn’t really see anything to tell me otherwise…

It was Tony from Afrobeta’s birthday, the video guys created a special image for him that wished him happy birthday during their set. 

Despite the dry heat Albuquerque brought it, especially during Le Castle Vania and Datsik’s set:

Then Nervo tore it up in the New Mexican sun on the Advent Stage:

Also, did you know that Nero likes to DJ barefoot?

One thing I do know about Albuquerque is that they’re famous for their roasted green chiles and green chili concoctions.  One fan was nice enough to bring us 3 bags of Roasted green chiles that we split amongst the tour fam and one of my friends who lives in the ALB brought me some authentic green chili stew:

this was one of the best things i’ve ever eaten (twas a little spicy but amazing).  Well done Albuquerque.

Caught a minute of Pretty Lights before running over to see The Crystal Method close out the Rockstar Energy Drink’s Dim Mak Stage for the first time this tour:

We heart The Crystal Method too :)

We’re finally ready to hit the West Coast (and hopefully significantly better weather) in a couple days.  Get ready for some big BIG shows!

Day 8: Mansfield, MA

No surprise, we were greeted in Mansfield with rain.  Seriously Mother Nature give us a break. Despite the rain Mansfield really brought it to ID.

The lovely ladies of Nervo have been on the tour now for a few shows and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them so I know I needed to finally check them out on the Advent Stage.  Let me tell you, these girls are phenomenal.  They know how to throw a party on stage and I highly recommend checking them out if you plan on coming to any future IDENTITY stops or just in general if you happen to catch them.

crowd for Nervo

After dancing around resembling most likely a flailing chicken, I hopped on over to the Rockstar Dim Mak stage to see The Crystal Method and Nero.  Neither acts disappoint and had amazing crowds to show for it:

The Crystal Method


Stuck around to catch Steve Aoki’s monster set..

He’s “ok” ;)

Then wanted to see a DJ Shadow set MINUS the lightning and rain and thankfully the Mansfield skies held off:

NY up next!

Day 5: Charlotte, NC

After a rather uneventful off-day, we went to a very muggy Charlotte, North Carolina. Working an everyday office job on top of a tour job can get complicated at times, and unfortunately this was one of those days that resulted in me being chained to my table for the better part of the day.

So when you can’t go to the artists, you try to get them to come to you.  The wonderful girls over at Keep A Breast (which, if you are coming to IDENTITY each and every one of you should check it it’s for a great cause) delivered a lovely cast over to us to have all the artists sign it.  At the end of the tour they’ll be putting it up for auction which, everyone will be able to bid on.  All proceeds will benefit KAB’s prevention and education program.

So pretty much my entire day in Charlotte was spent asking people to sign the cast, posters and tshirts…went a little something like this:


Steve Aoki

Liv from Nervo

Dan from Nero

Ajay from Data Romance

Chuckie working on some music 

Rusko’s crew advanced a yoga instructor to come out and do yoga onsite for a few days and I was lucky enough to capture it:

Afterwards we had a little shindig for Krsn from Modeselektor’s birthday complete with birthday cake and all:

that’s about all i can show you from that night….another day off tomorrow!

Day 4: Holmdel, NJ - Bring on the rain

On the 4th straight day of IDENTITY, we headed to Holmdel, NJ where we were greeted with a whole bunch of rain when we arrived:

PNC Bank Arts Center has a huge main stage with a large covering that was good with all the rain:

Production offices are usually right next to or behind the main stage so to avoid the rain I popped onto that stage to watch Le Castle Vania and Modeselektor:

I hadn’t had a chance to see Datsik yet and luckily i was able to snag a golf cart to ride over to the Rockstar Energy Drink Dim Mak Stage.  Datsik’s energy is incredible and the crowd was amazing, raging through the rain and all.  It was easy to see why his stock is on the rise.

I spent most of my day on the Rockstar Dim Mak stage to catch up on acts I hadn’t really had an opportunity to watch yet, for instance The Crystal Method.  When we first found out about this tour, I was really excited to see TCM’s name on there.  They’re one of the few acts I actually listened to prior to working with this tour and an act i’ve essentially grown up with.  I still find it surreal that Ken and Scott address me by name every day:

Dan from Nero informed us that he was going to be leaving us in Charlotte so that Joe the other half of Nero could come out and take over so we made an effort to make sure we got his final couple shows:

 After Nero it was time to get back to work for a little bit and unfortunately got caught in the Holmdel monsoon.  To say I got drenched is an understatement.  Holmdel was the best crowd out of our first 4 shows, a little rain didn’t stop them from raging.  After changing into a set of dry clothes decided to keep it close to the main stage again and end the night with Kaskade:

We finally get our first off day tomorrow!

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